Posted by: Jack | May 14, 2010

John Hardie Mitchell

John was born in Vancouver’s Mount Pleasant neighbourhood on March 13, 1903.

He started work on Vancouver’s waterfront in the 1920s and by the 1930s he had become owner of Pacific Lighterage.

In 1935, John merged Pacific Lighterage with Canadian Stevedoring.

By 1938, John and his partner, Captain WM Crawford, had secured fifty percent of the company, and in 1942, John became sole owner.

John went on to form the North Shore Dock and Warehouse Company in 1954, to acquire Louis Wolfe & Sons (Vancouver) in 1966, and to create the subsidiary, Casco Terminals, in 1968.

John Hardie Mitchell was credited with many firsts: the first employer to be honoured with a membership in the Longshoremen’s Union Pensioners’ Club,  the first company on Vancouver’s waterfront to adopt electronic accounting systems and to use lift-trucks, the first to establish company pension plans, medical plans, and an earnings continuation plan

To give back to the community that helped him prosper, John and his wife Billie established the John Hardie Mitchell Family Foundation in 1985.

When he passed away on July 27, 1987, he left a legacy of honesty, respect and generosity.



  1. Your father is clearly one of Vancouver’s founding fathers. I am trying to contack you. Do you have a direct email?

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